Oct 1, 2011

Saturday's op ed piece '' The Nuremburg Scripts ''


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To The Editor,
                     I curious whether not Joe Nocera, the author of Saturday's op ed piece '' The Nuremburg Scripts '' graduated from high school...he certainly can be a college graduate when he quotes without comment what Harold Burson  an official transcriber of that trial had to say about it. '' The guilt of the German leaders should be carefully documented because we of the four nations are devoted to law and order...our system is not lynch law ''. Setting aside for the moment that one of the four nations he is speaking of was the Soviet Union which had the blood of tens of millions of innocent people on its hands, doesn't he realize that the previous statement contradicts one of the fundamental principles of Anglo Saxon jurisprudence, the presumption of innocence. '' Our system is not lynch law .'' How else can you describe a trial where the accuser, the judges , the jury and the executioners were all one in the same?
      Again he quotes Burson, '' They documented the execution of prisoners and the mass extermination of the jews ''. If these alleged horrific things were documented as Burson seems to insist, the documentary evidence  would have been publicized ad nauseam. The fact is that the veracity of the holocaust rests almost entirely on '' survivor testimony ''  of people who had an absolute visceral hatred of the Third Reich. However outlandish and contradictory these statements often were, none of these witness were allowed to be cross examined by the defense ( another violation of Anglo Saxon jurisprudence ).  giuseppe furioso


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