Oct 1, 2011

The Whole World Is Watching: Nonviolence at Liberty Plaza — VIDEOS AND PHOTOS »


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The Whole World Is Watching: Nonviolence at Liberty Plaza — VIDEOS AND PHOTOS »

 So what occasioned the media's sudden interest? Police violence, of course. Occupy Wall Street- MSNBC Reporter SLAMS NYC Police Brutality!…

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EDITORS NOTE: Keith Olbermann and Amy Goodman are covering it. Good! Now, lets read it in the NYTimes and listen to it on FOX News and other fair & balanced, and objective Media!

Keith Olbermann and Amy Goodman Call out Wall Street Protests Media Blackout

It's A War Going On! It's A Struggle



Amy Goodman: Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week

Keith Olbermann: pointed out Wednesday night on Countdown that the major newspapers had been ignoring the five-day-long "Occupy Wall Street" protests, but would have scrambled to cover a similar-sized tea party protest.

"Why isn't any major news outlet covering this?" he asked. "If that's a tea party protest in front of Wall Street about Ben Bernanke putting stimulus funds into it, it's the lead story on every network news cast. How is that disconnect possible in this country today with so many different outlets and so many different ways of transmitting news?"


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The Best Among Us »

Chris Hedges : Choose. But choose fast. The state and corporate forces are determined to crush this. They are not going to wait for you. They are terrified this will spread. …

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Occupy Wall Street: march on Police Plaza – live

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are planning to march on the New York police department headquarters in protest at last week's pepper-spray controversy. Paul Harris (PH) and Adam Gabbatt (AG) are there

Occupy Wall Street demonstrrations in New York
Occupy Wall Street demonstrrations in New York. Photograph: Tina Fineberg/AP

6.30pm: Looking at the photographs and video of the march coming in on Twitter, it's quite clearly the biggest demonstration since the Occupy Wall Street protests began. Thousands of people thronged through the streets of Lower Manhattan, in what is evidently a peaceful and good-humoured protest.

If there is no trouble later, the protesters will be able to chalk this up as a big success. On the downside, no Radiohead; on the upside, no pepper spray. Some of the marchers are starting to disperse; others are staying to hear the speeches at Police Plaza.

You can continue to watch the aftermath of the march on this live stream, and follow our reporters' tweets in the box on the right of this page.

6.26pm: Colin Jones of the New York Daily News says the "call and response"speaking pattern is going in four waves, because of the numbers at Police Plaza.

6.12pm: The march has arrived at 1 Police Plaza, according to Paul Harris, who says the chant is "We are the 99 per cent".

5.53pm: The march is being led by older women in "grannies for peace" bibs, according to Paul Harris. "Probably a tactic to reduce police macings," he tweets.Adam Gabbatt says police are lining road to prevent overspill into adjacent streets, but otherwise appear "hands off".

5.49pm: And here's a message to the viewers at home:

The Occupy Wall Street protesters march on Police Plaza

Picture by @fiascostreeteam

5.31pm: Pictures being posted on Twitter show that the numbers marching in Lower Manhattan are indeed large.

Occupy Wall Street protesters begin their march on Police Plaza in New York 
The Occupy Wall Street march to Police Plaza in New York gets under way. Photograph: @ANIMALNewYork 

"Al-Qaeda," "9/11 Truth": Case Studies in Controlled Opposition »


Gordon Duff : America More Than a Failed Dictatorship

Capo 'Sam'

In America, you can pick any period and decide that's the one, where we became like Russia, that the press quit digging for the truth and started playing "lapdog" to a government that, itself played "lapdog."



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