Oct 1, 2011

Well, here it is. At last. Issue 185 of Smith's Report. One hundred eighty-five issues-so far!


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27 September 2011


Dear Friend and Supporter:


Well, here it is. At last. Issue 185 of Smith's Report.

One hundred eighty-five issues-so far!

A few of you have been there-have been here-from the beginning. Difficult to comprehend my good fortune.

The story now is that it's been a tough few weeks. Not certain I should go on about it, but as I have noted before you are investors in this work, in me as it were, and it is only right that you should know pretty well what's going on. So here's an outline of the story.

We set up the work on campus to reach more people than we have ever reached before. A lot of time consuming work went into building new internet mailing lists, work for which there is no end. The usual perps put in a good amount of focused time in trying to disrupt with electronic barriers to the distribution of our work which we have to continually go around and evade. So far, so good. At the very beginning we have opened stories at U Southern California, U California Irvine, Cornell University, and Stanford. Too early to understand where we will be able to take any one of them.

            In the middle of the process, something was going wrong. With me. Exhaustion and the need to sleep. By the end of the 5th day I was sleeping so much I decided what the hell, I'll see a doctor. I called the VA that Friday, made the appointment for the following Monday. The next morning when I woke up I was awake (no pun intended). I've been awake since, some two weeks now. It was like magic. Call the doctor, get well immediately. Get back to work. The downside is that for some two weeks I was only half here.

            And then something truly bad happened. The best friend of Paloma these last two years was murdered on the street. He was a young man, her age. There's a long story here but this isn't the place for it. Again, life had taken its own turn, ignoring real people, as it so often does. There is nothing to say about it. I was to put a photo of Paloma in this cover letter. This isn't the moment.

And all the while here these last weeks, there has been the anxiety over my growing debts. They are not huge, far from it, but they are growing, not being paid.

I don't know. I night as well spell it out. This is what I owe, can't pay.


Office Depot: Office supplies, computer screen, etc. $ 630

Bank America Credit Card:  Cash to cover business expenses  $ 881.

            Funds from private party to cover business expenses  $1,150

            Deposit needed for Mexican immigration (estimate)  $1,500

            Funds from private party to cover business expenses:  $1,610


These are debts over and above current operation expenses.  Anyone?


And then there is some good news.


Only today I have been informed by the VA that I will have joint-replacement surgery on the left knee on 11 October. I was to have the new knee the middle of August but the surgeon cancelled the affair because of an open place on the calf of that leg. A spider bite, something, I had scratched it, it was open, and what I had been waiting five months for was cancelled for concern over infection in a matter of ten minutes. I expect this time to have better luck. There are appointments at the VA with hematology and the anesthesiologist over the next few days. A couple years back, before the throat surgery when I was with the anesthesiologist, it occurred to me to explain to the lady why I was not worried about what was coming:  "I'm too shallow to feel these things deeply," I said.

The date of 11 October is interesting in that 10 October is the deadline for receiving materials for the November issue of SR. I am going to have to be focused to get the next issue of SR to you on time. I already have some interesting stuff, including an opening reply from our probe on the USC campus. None of this will stop the work on campus as Hernandez takes care of all the sends and technical stuff. And then who knows-the knee might actually work once the work is done. The surgeon is a Chinese. As was the doctor who took care of the cancer. So far, so good.

One happy circumstance is that I have no medical expenses. You don't have to worry about that. The VA takes care of it so your contributions to the work here are not eaten up by medical services there.

Anything else?

Well, my Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist has been published in French. I'll give you the details in the next issue of SR.

The CODOH web site is being transformed and updated in a very sophisticated way-nearly all work being done by volunteers (again!). It promises to build a lot of traffic to the site and to add to the consternation of those who want to see it destroyed.

Two new volunteers have appeared to help in "special" ways with the campus work. One in California, one in Massachusetts.

You have seen by now the work being done by Jett Rucker, a man I did not know this time last year. A volunteer.

In our sends to students and faculty at USC we are including a link to Eric Hunt's working draft of his movie "The Last Days of the Big Lie." It treats with Stephen Spielberg's award-winning documentary "The Last Days," featuring a series of corrupt eyewitness testimonies on camera. I forgot to mention that when we send to USC, we include the staff for Spielberg's The Shoah Foundation. Surely they'll be interested.


Okay. Next month then. And thanking you in advance for whatever help you can send. I'll use it in the most productive way possible.

Thank you.







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